Over the Edge

New EP Alert! If we May. Drops on 8th.

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Five tracks in total comprise this EP that we call “Potent concoction of aggressive guitars, Dark melodies leading to a Ballad and combines ambient aesthetics and arrogant drums to leave the listener simmering on soft pillow like vocals that so assertive”

Unabashedly going to admit that this EP is pushing benchmarks to new high in 2022 with 5 tracks. It is indeed one of those elaborate EPs that your heart desires at the end of the day to wash all grime and stress away. The Pain and angst in the EP is complimented by synths, the dark melody wafting silently in the bass that leads to a ballad. The vocals puncture the dream like state laced in psychedelic atmospheres. We cannot wait to see this release and let it soar high where the brave only dare spread wings.

If I Stay, Would You Run Away will be out on all major streaming platforms on 8th April, hence it is pretty much going to be a convenient swipe left or right for you listeners to begin the mass consumption.

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