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Max Kate’s Weekend

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A fastidious representation of what sparks the protagonist's life in living

A song that dreams of a brief and clandestine getaway for two young women caught in the complexities of their own identities. It hopes for a few blameless days in the midst of lives that are full of unwarranted guilt trips. This getaway is short lived but in the company of someone extraordinary every moment desires to be lived forever. The things that make us happy are trite at best and sometimes as cliche as a Weekend.

max kate

18-year-old Maitreya aka Max Kate started his musical journey when he was four when he began playing the piano. Since then, his excursion into this field has been an acclivitous as he proceeded to learn electronic music production and DJ-ing from the Lost Stories Academy in Mumbai. Sonically, his music is mainly acoustic guitars, and breezy mellifluous tones on the keys which resonate jubilant vibes, transcending the listener to their happy place. 


Weekend by Max Kate releases today and you'd hate to miss out on this. SO head to a streaming platform and stream it conveniently as much as you want.

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