Manas Jha

Manas Jha ft. Keshav Dhar

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An Eulogy that struck the right cords – Manas Jha’s new track is a message for all.

Manas’ track “Nukkad CLosed” is a tribute to a real-life superwoman who went from being an investment Banker to Master Chef India finalist, to Le Cordon Bleu Paris alumnus, to owner of the Nukkad Restaurant in Jersey City, NJ. Nukkad was Jha’s favourite go-to lunch spot where he’d meet Garima a few times. This place has left a mark on Manas through inspirations and this could be the very last one.

Tragically, Garima was found dead in her apartment in what’s being called an apparent murder-suicide. She was five months pregnant, an autopsy revealed. The music video for ‘Nukkad Closed’ is made by Dhruv Sharma, and depicts the struggle between a superwoman-like white dove versus a villainous fleet of black crows.

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