Charkhe- Nyasa ft. Gaurav Chati

Charkhe- Nyasa ft. Gaurav Chati

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Folk melody creators, Nyasa create soul stirring music playing tender, sensitive emotions with their characteristic raw appeal; once again featuring talented singer, Gaurav Chati.  Their intense, scholarly lyrics and possessing percussion offer depth and a powerful persona, representative of their music.   

Charkhe emotes the struggle of a soul from womb to departure from this world.  The soul which struggles to take human form outside the womb and experience life continues its struggles throughout life till it leaves the domain of this world.  In the entire circle of life, this soul in a human embodiment only grapples in every sphere possible; where all that is earned does not offer immortality except possibly a reputable name.

nyasa charkhe

The new record is available through their parent label, Springboard Records and is currently streaming on all platforms. so swipe and locate that one streaming platform closes to your thumb and jive to this surreal one.

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