7Bantai’Z’s Energy meter is Running High with Their Latest Release

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With excellent direction and composition, Energy – 7Bantai’Z’s latest single will set fire to dance floors and stages. This 7 member band is due to release their virgin EP from which this is the first firecracker.

Quite eponymous the track ‘Energy‘ is as it sounds like the band is beating their own drums and declaring the surging unrivaled and unparalleled energy levels. And unapologetically too. As one watches and listens the track, what can’t be missed is that it is packed with a ton of enthusiasm, energy and the same that drives and runs the daily lives of the band members. The direction of composition, production and videography are all impeccably executed.

7Bantaiz has been featured in movies like Kaala, Gully Boy, Zoo, Netflix’s Chopsticks, and have also  done the title track for the movie HITCHKI. They were also featured in the Netflix Original “The Umbrella  Academy’ for the title track – AJOOBE.

“Energy” is out now on all major streaming platforms, hence it is pretty much going to be a convenient swipe left or right for you listeners to begin the mass consumption. Also conveniently leaving embedded above.

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