Antariksh Ki Oar

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Antariksh's new track "Raahiya" is a sensational ballad accentuated by the Saxophone.

Raahiya, touches upon the fragility of life as a subject with message to follow our inner compass and refrain from falling prey to the stimulus around. This pop/rock ballad with Antariksh’s signature introspective lyrics, hummable melody and a catchy chorus, urges the listener to seek and follow what’s truly important to them. 

Raahiya, ve khoya hai kahan?/ Raahiya, ve maaya ye jahaan/
Raahiya, le chal khudko vahan/ Sukoon mile jahaan…


It won’t be a stretch to say that the video of Raahiya, perfectly complements the lyrics and possibly, the fervent wish of the band members to be on the tour, playing music, live again. It features a combination of previous unreleased tour footage of the band, behind the scenes glimpses and shots of their live performances and recording sessions.

The tracks are available on all major streaming platforms of your choice, so head down to one for consumption. 

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