A corporate stooge on weekdays, but a raver on weekends. Living in Bangalore since Pubbing over beers and rock music ran deep in veins of Bangalore. Parakram was exposed only once in to the vortex of Bangalore nightlife and he has never had to look for the neon exit sign. With interests varying from sports like lawn-tennis and golf, his passion runs deep for F1 and music alike. An avid writer, yes but having published naught, Parakram found Melody Insider as his perfect bridge to digitized penmanship. Parakram ’s love for music is unparalleled and goes lengths to meet and enjoy music of his favourite artists touring Bangalore city. With a penchant for introducing music to his friends and family, one quote he always swears by is – “Keep friends who introduce you to music, close to your heart and never let them go, they are the truest of all”. Parakram is regularly attending raves and parties in Bangalore on weekends. He say he needs two let his hair down (less of it left now) and rave during the weekend, to survive the onslaught at office on weekdays. aiming and saving dough for festivals like Awakenings and Amsterdam Dance Event, Parakram considers these events should be attended once in a life for sure. He considers them as the self-actualization needs as per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Well, to know more feel free to write to Parakram directly at editor@melodyinsider.com